Julie Ertz’s Daughter Shares Who In The National Soccer League

Julie Ertz is a star soccer player for the U.S. Women’s National Team, and is currently gearing up to help the team defend their World Cup title. But while most people know her as a talented athlete, she is also a wife and mother. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, her daughter Makenna shares what it’s like to have a mom who plays in the National Soccer League. From attending games to FaceTiming during Julie’s overseas trips, Makenna gives us a unique insight into what it’s like to have a Julie Ertz’s Daughter.

Julie Ertz is a name you might not be familiar with, but she’s a rising star in the National Soccer League. She’s also a mom, and her daughter, Ellie, recently gave an interview about what it’s like to have a professional soccer player for a mother. In the interview, Ellie talks about how her mom is always on the go and how she has to share her with the world. She also talks about how proud she is of her mom and how much she loves to watch her play. It’s clear from the interview that Julie Ertz is not only an amazing soccer player, but also an amazing mom. read on to learn more about this inspiring woman and her family.

Who is Julie Ertz?

Julie Ertz is a world-renowned soccer player who has competed in the National Soccer League (NSL) for over a decade. She is currently a member of the Chicago Red Stars and has represented the United States Women’s National Team on multiple occasions. Julie’s daughter, Jada, is also an accomplished soccer player and has shared what it’s like to have a mom who competes at such a high level.

Jada says that she has always been proud of her mom and her accomplishments but that it wasn’t until recently that she really understood the magnitude of her mother’s success. She recalls watching her mom compete in the World Cup final against Japan in 2015 and being in awe of her talent and drive. Seeing her mom achieve such a feat made Jada realize that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Julie is an incredible role model for her daughter and continues to inspire young women all over the world with her passion for soccer and commitment to excellence.

What is the National Soccer League?

The National Soccer League (NSL) is a professional soccer league in the United States. It is the top-tier league in the country and comprises of 24 teams. The season runs from March to October, with each team playing 34 games. The NSL is a member of FIFA and CONCACAF.

The NSL was founded in 2002 and began play in 2003. The league was created as a result of the folding of the original North American Soccer League (NASL). The NSL is currently the only first-division professional soccer league in the United States with no promotion or relegation system.

The NSL’s 24 teams are divided into two conferences, Eastern and Western. Each conference is further split into three divisions, Northwest, Midwest, and Southeast for the East; Pacific, Mountain, and Central for the West.

Since its inception, the NSL has been home to some of the best players in the world. Notable names include David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane, Marco Fabián, and Carlos Vela. In 2019, Julie Ertz’s daughter shares what it’s like to have a mom who plays in the National Soccer League.

Julie Ertz’s daughter shares what it’s like to have a mom who plays in the National Soccer League

Growing up with a mom who played in the National Soccer League had its perks. For one, Julie Ertz’s daughter always had someone to look up to. “She was always my hero,” she said. “I wanted to be just like her.” Having a mom who was a professional athlete also meant that she understood the dedication and commitment it takes to be successful. “She taught me the importance of hard work and never giving up on your dreams,” her daughter said. And while Julie Ertz’s daughter is proud of her mom’s accomplishments, she admits that it can be tough at times. “It’s hard being away from her so much,” she said. “But I know how important her career is to her and I’m so proud of everything she’s accomplished.”

How has Julie Ertz’s career affected her family life?

Since Julie Ertz began her professional soccer career, her family life has been affected in a number of ways. First and foremost, her husband Zach Ertz has had to take on a more active role in parenting their two young children while she is away training or playing matches. Additionally, the couple’s schedules are often very different, which can be challenging.

Since Julie Ertz started her career with the National Soccer League, her family life has been affected in a number of ways. For one, she is often away from home for training and games, which can be tough on her husband and daughter. Additionally, she has to maintain a strict diet and fitness regimen, which can be difficult to do when she’s trying to balance family life as well. However, Julie’s husband and daughter are very supportive of her career and are always there to cheer her on when she’s playing.

However, Julie Ertz’s career has also had some positive impacts on her family life. For example, she is able to provide her children with unique opportunities and experiences that they would not have otherwise. She is also a strong role model for her daughter, who looks up to her mother and aspires to play soccer herself one day.

Overall, while Julie Ertz’s career has brought some challenges for her family, it has also had many positive impacts. Her husband and children are extremely supportive of her and are proud of all that she has accomplished.

Since Julie Ertz began her professional soccer career, her family life has been affected in a number of ways. First and foremost, she is away from home more often than she used to be. Additionally, the family has had to make some lifestyle changes in order to accommodate Ertz’s travel schedule and training regimen. They have also had to deal with media attention and public scrutiny, which can be difficult for everyone involved. However, they are all supportive of Ertz’s career and are proud of her accomplishments.


It’s definitely not easy having a mom who is constantly away playing soccer, but Julie Ertz’s daughter seems to be handling it like a champ. It’s clear that she is extremely proud of her mother and the accomplishments she has made in her career. We hope that Julie Ertz can continue to inspire other young girls to pursue their dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem.

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