Let Me introduce a Celabrity Romeo Jon Bongiovi?


Romeo, the notable performer Jon Bon Jovi has a child named Jon Bongiovi. Because of their popular dad, Romeo is viewed as a big name by his own doing.

In view of his phenomenal expertise, his dad’s standing goes before him across the globe. I think that the vast majority of you are know about him. Today, Jon Bon Jovi’s Romeo is the focal point of everybody’s consideration instead of Bon Jovi himself.

We should go on an outing through his coexistence!

Romeo Jon Bongiovi Biography (Bio)

Romeo Jon Bongiovi was brought into the world on 29th March 2004 in the United States of America. He is a VIP kid due to his dad.

His dad prevalently known as Jon Bon Jovi is a renowned vocalist, lyricist, performer, and entertainer. His mom Dorothea Hurley is a karate teacher. The Bongiovi name comes from Sciacca, Sicily. His granddad John Bongiovi Sr was of Italian and Slovak heritage and his grandma Carol (Sharkey) is of German and Russian drop.

His grandparents were the two marines. Romeo has 3 kin. Stephanie Rose the oldest brought into the world on 31st May.1991, Jesse James Louis(second) was brought into the world on nineteenth February 1995, and Jacob Hurley(youngest) was brought into the world on May 7, 2002.


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