Jose Trinidad Marin (Everything You Should Know About Trino Marin)

Jose Trinidad Marin otherwise called Trino Marin is the ex of Jenni Rivera (known as Dolores Saavedra for public eyes).Her ex Jenni Rivera was a notable American vocalist and musician. Jenni was likewise a very enthusiastic entertainer, humanitarian, business person, and representative.

Jose Marin Biography

Trino Marin is the genuine name of josé trinidad marín. He was brought into the world on Feb 15, 1964, in California, United States. Trino is very much perceived by his genuine name. Jose likewise comes from Christian Family and possesses a consolidated legacy. Prior to wedding Jenni Rivera (ex) Jose Trinidad was an obscure name for the general population. Jenni is a well known name in the realm of media due to her acting, songwriting, and singing abilities.

The couple decided to keep their life hidden in the wake of being seeing someone. Thus, there is almost no data accessible on the web about the couple. Jose Trinidad had most not forgettable experience with Jenni Rivera in High school when she was just a teen.

Trinidad Marin Profile Summary

Genuine Name: Jose Trinidad Marin (otherwise called Trino Marin)

Date of Birth: Feb 15, 1964

Origin: United States

Ethnicity: American-Mexican

Conjugal Status: Divorced

Hitched to: Jenni Rivera (genuine name Dolores Saavedra)

Calling: Retired Administrator Manager at American-Mexico eatery


After in September 1991, Rivera announced her third pregnancy. Michael is Trino’s youngest kid. After divorce, they both got in big trial for the custody of their kid. The court announced the decision in the favor of Rivera and she got the custody of kids.

In different fields, all three of their children are successful. Marin’s firstborn Chiquis (Check out the Instagram profile of Chiquis Rivera) followed the step of her mother. She is earning a big time in her singing career. The other two kids of Trino started their professional careers as English actors in American and Mexican TV series.

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